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Sensitest does not spread unwanted emails. In addition, we reject the practice of sending unsolicited e-mail. When placing an order a valid email address is required for sending your order confirmation. That way you get a receipt of your order. Furthermore, we keep you updated on the status of your order via e-mail, such as the time of packing and the date of shipment. So you know exactly where your order is. When placing your order you can indicate whether you allow us to add your email address to a senders listing. If you indicate that you only wish to receive e-mails about the status of the order processing we respect that choice and will not send more emails after your order has been shipped. If you indicate that you would like to receive offers in our shop once a month you will receive up to 1 e-mail with promotional products each month. With each mailing is immediately possible to remove your email address from the database via a direct link. The data you enter when placing an order remains confidential and will not be sold, traded or given away to third parties. You`ll never receive unwanted mail Sensitest. If you have any questions please contact our customer service via contact.

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