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Dear customer,

My name is Robert Das and I am CEO of Sensitest Europe. Many thanks for your interest in our products. The primary goal of our company is to deliver a top quality product at the best possible price. We are proud that we have as one of few webshops our own CE quality control certificate for a range of ovulation and pregnancy tests. All products have been certified and tested and have been admitted by Netherlands Health regulations. That guarantees you to receive a top quality product that is safe and works very well. In case you have a question for us, you can always send us an e-mail or phone us during office hours. May I wish you the best of luck with testing. Thank you for your confidence in Sensitest ovulation tests to help you to conceive.

Robert Das
CEO Sensitest

Phone: 015 3642121 (mo-fr 10-17 hr)
To the Netherlands: +31 15 3642121 (mo-fr 10-17 hr)
E-mail: via contact form.

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The Netherlands

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