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Sensitest Pregnancy test midstream

Directions for use: Sensitest Pregnancy test midstream

How the test works

Carefully read the directions for use before you start testing. As soon as you are pregnant, your body produces the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). The quantity of HCG doubles every 2 to 3 days and reaches a peak after some 7 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. This test detects the pregnancy hormone in your urine. The Sensitest Pregnancy Test midstream can already show the presence of HCG as from 4 days before you have your period. However, to obtain a reliable result, we recommend carrying out the test from the day that you expect to menstruate. If your cycle is regular, you can use the Sensitest Pregnancy Test midstream from the day you expect menstruation. If you have an irregular cycle, you must use the longest cycle you have had during the past six months as a criterion.


The test can be carried out at any time of day.

What you need before starting testing

1. A sealed foil package with a Sensitest Pregnancy Test midstream. Do no use a pregnancy test from an opened pack.

2. Urine from the woman whose pregnancy must be confirmed.

The test in 6 steps

1. Take a closed pack and check that it indicates “Pregnancy Test”. Do not use a test that has passed its shelf life.

2. Open the pack with the test with dry, clean hands.

3. Take the colored cap of the midstream and hold the open end (S) about ten seconds in your urine stream with the tip pointing down. You may also choose to hold the tip about five seconds in a clean receptacle or plastic cup with collected urine.

4. Put the cap back on the midstream and press firmly.

5. Place the test on a smooth, dry base with its test result windows facing up.

6. Wait 5 to 10 minutes before reading the result. It is important that the background is no longer discoloured. However, do not wait more than 30 minutes before reading the result.

Test result

• The result is negative if a single pink line appears. This is the control line (C) to see whether you have carried out the test correctly. The test line (T) is not visible. You are not pregnant.

• The result is positive if two pink lines appear. You can clearly see a control line (C) and a test line (T). Even if the test line is faint, HCG has been detected in your urine. You are pregnant.

If no lines are visible, the test has probably been incorrectly carried out. The midstream has possibly absorbed too little urine. Hold the midstream in the urine again for a few seconds.

If the result is negative (not pregnant)

If the test indicates that you are not pregnant, the Sensitest Pregnancy Test midstream has been unable to demonstrate the pregnancy hormone. You are not pregnant or you may possibly have carried out the test too early. You can carry out the test again after 3 days. If despite a negative outcome you do not menstruate within one week, we advise you to contact your family doctor or gynaecologist.

If the result is positive (you are pregnant)

If the test indicates that you are pregnant, you should advise your family doctor in order to receive the correct attention during your pregnancy.

Restriction 1: Following pregnancy or miscarriage It takes around 9 weeks after confinement or miscarriage before the HCG pregnancy hormone has disappeared entirely from your body. Up to that point the pregnancy test produces a positive result although you are not pregnant.

Restriction 2: Reliability of the pregnancy test With a 99% reliability, the Sensitest Pregnancy Test midstream is just as reliable as a comparable test of your family doctor. Nonetheless, only your family doctor or gynaecologist can provide absolute certainty as to whether you are pregnant or not. Your personal medical situation may influence the result of this test. Always consult your family doctor on pregnancy or if in doubt about pregnancy.

Restriction 3: Do no use alcohol Alcohol may influence the test result. Do not use pregnancy tests after taking alcohol.

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Sensitest Pregnancy test midstream
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Two lines: you are pregnant

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